BEC.AR program

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Contribute to the scientific and technological Argentina through training abroad of Argentine professionals in areas of strategic importance for the country’s sustainable development.


Support training abroad for the next 4 years of 1,000 Argentine professionals related to science, technology and productive innovation, promoting their reintegration in the country.

To meet this objective will run three programs:

Expertise in innovation and management of science and technology in Brazil: intensive program of 4 (four) months on innovation management, science and technology.

U.S. Masters specialization: formal specialization program, through masters (whose duration is estimated at between 1 and 2 years).

Support for specialist short stays in institutions in other countries: This program provides opportunities for technical visits to companies, research centers and laboratories, among others, for the professional to learn a specific skill or technique that improves productivity.


Since 2003, science and technology have been a priority for the Argentine government. Therefore, promoting inclusive and sustainable product innovation based on expansion, development and fuller utilization of national scientific and technological capabilities has been a priority for the Argentine government as a way to increase the competitiveness of the economy and improve the quality life of the population. In this sense, we have established policies and actions carried out to strengthen and expand scientific and technological base and to promote the formation of new highly skilled human resources, especially targeted efforts disciplines prioritized according to needs and opportunities for socio- the country.

The education abroad professionals natural sciences, engineering and other areas of knowledge related to the development of technology and productive innovation offers extensive comparative advantages. This requires implementing strategies, such as that proposed by BEC.AR training grants abroad in Science and Technology to enhance the ability of actors to explore and see where are the new development opportunities and adjust according to emerging needs and position in terms of pre-competitive knowledge base or to provide an adequate platform for innovation and technology based mainly for the incorporation of high value added knowledge in the local industry.

Carry out this program from the Cabinet of Ministers, in the orbit of the Undersecretary for Management and Public Employment is without doubt a unique opportunity to build up the priority science and technology as the basis for productive and social progress country.

To implement the program BEC.AR the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers of the Nation has signed framework agreements for scientific, technical and prestigious academic institutions abroad to ensure due process and training for professional excellence. In this sense it has signed an agreement with the Fulbright Commission in Argentina for U.S. master’s degrees in related science, technology and productive innovation. The Commission shall be responsible for managing resources, college admissions and placement of professionals in the destination city in the country. In Brazil, it has concluded an agreement with the Fundacao Getulio Vargas, which has commissioned the design of an intensive program aimed at Managers of Innovation, Science and Technology.

For the implementation and allocation of grants will open public and open calls.


Are considered eligible for the scholarships every nationality and residence professionals who work in Argentina areas of Science, Technology and Innovation priority development for the country and commit to reenter the workforce it.

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