From today a large photograph of Aldo Sessa about tango covers the facade of Silver

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While the city continues to develop in a considerable number of public the 2012 edition of Buenos Aires Tango Festival and World a large photograph of Aldo Sessa, “Tango, the bolt of love” today covers the facade of the Plata, compared with Obelisk . Sessa’s work is reproduced on a canvas of 88 meters wide and 34 meters high and gives continuity to the project Art in Silver, implemented by the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires.

In this photo Cadícamo Enrique said back in 1998: “This amazing and daring image, frozen by Aldo delirious camera that does not stop committing sin and unpublished capturing from a high angle in aerial shot, a couple dancing a tango full combustion, narrowed in a warm embrace. “

For his part, Minister of Culture of Buenos Aires, Hernán Lombardi, said today: “come together in this two art forms: photography and tango and believe that you express to those traveling through this place the very essence of our beloved Buenos Aires that although cosmolita and generously open to other musical expressions is and will irrevocably linked to tango. “

Art in Silver seeks thrill and amaze the thousands of people who pass each day the Avenida 9 de Julio with a high impact image, made unprecedented size and in a rare stand for displaying art. An initiative of the Government of Buenos Aires that is unprecedented in our country in terms of its scale and visibility. It opened in October 2008 with the work rate of Fabián Burgos. Then he rode Siesta, Guillermo Ueno, who was replaced by Window, the artist Max Gomez Canale. Later it was the turn of the photographer Marcos Lopez santafecino Terrace, Myths of my childhood Antonio Segui and then a photo of Daniel Sabato authored Mordzinski

Aldo Sessa’s work occupies an area of ​​2992 m² and is printed on a canvas “MESH” (micro perforated vinyl canvas), which is characterized by being less wind resistant and lighter than a common fabric. Also, do not close the entrance of light, acts as “partial shade” when it gets to the sun, without obstructing the view from inside the building out.

This large-scale urban intervention in public space is also an artistic challenge, by the proportions reaching the play thanks to digital technologies available today. The Silver Building, located at Carlos Pellegrini 211, is also known as the former Silver Market, established in 1962, originally was forced shopping place for families seeking variety and good quality products. Today it houses various technical and management areas of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

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