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Opens a biennial of photography involved 220 artists from 40 countries and has a great role women

By Silvina Premat

With 320 images taken by 220 artists from 40 countries opens today at the Centro Cultural Borges International Biennial of Art and Documentary Photography, whose works will be auctioned on February 14 a total benefit of Fleni foundations and Save the Children.

“There’s everything. This is a great opportunity to see something that is not common in Buenos Aires,” he said yesterday to the NATION photographer Julio Hardy, CEO of The Worldwide Photography Awards Gala, an international photographic awards based London and organizer of the Biennial.

Diversity is not only in the countries of origin of the participating artists, Egypt, Lebanon, Poland, Iran, Senegal, Iraq and the U.S., among others, but also the styles and themes addressed.

A woman watching television in a bubble installed in the center of Barcelona, ​​Polish Adam image Balcerek, report the isolation and loneliness can live in large cities, a naked child participating in a math class in Ethiopia, U.S. in a photograph of Stphen Hall, alluding to poverty in this country. Various photos from different authors show girls forced into prostitution. “This theme is repeated a lot in Asian pictures, we see that is a very serious problem for them and that is fostered by Western tourism,” said Hardy, who along with his wife, Analy Werbin, are the curators of the exhibition.

In a corner of one of the rooms, photos of the U.S. Kerry Mansfield, part of a series that was very successful in the United States, impress with its rawness and realism. Mansfield suffered breast cancer and took pictures of his own body during the three years of medical treatment against the disease. The images show the entire process, from before having a mastectomy to breast reconstruction.

With the exception of Bosnia images of Argentine artist living in France Emmanuel Ortiz, the rest of the photographs were selected from 17,000 of the participants in the events in The Worldwide Photography Awards Gala and among them are the awards in several competitions. Ortiz was the only special guest artists.


About 200 of the exhibits are of women artists. “There is a growing participation of women in the picture. Because today everyone takes pictures, unlike the literature or painting, that are not crowded,” said Hardy, who then noted the difference: “In the photograph taken by the woman is a more humanistic than in men. For example, publishing photos of women is the consequences of conflict and those of men is the conflict, “he said.

The photographs donated by the artists will be auctioned at the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (Malba) on 14 February, however the exhibition which runs until the 27th of that month.

Proceeds from the auction, which will be conducted by Enrique Scheinsohn will be allocated equally to the Foundation and Save the Children Fleni. The foundations have been set between 600 and 1500 dollars.

Only the image of Moscow Dina Bova, published on the cover of the catalog, you will leave the ring with a base of $ 2500. This is a version of the expulsion from paradise of Adam and Eve.

The first Biennale was held in 2010 at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, with the exhibition of 160 works from 25 countries. For this occasion, the initiative has been declared of cultural interest by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation and is sponsored by the embassies of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Peru, Denmark, Poland and Finland.

At the opening, which will be today at 19, involved a dozen photographers whose works are exhibited in the Borges and were paid their own travel to the country.

This shows, according to Hardy, the “special attraction” exercised by Argentina as a tourist destination. Some of these artists, such as Glorianna Lu, who worked in Afghanistan, give lectures and dialogue with participants of the Biennale.

The full schedule of activities is available at the site of the Centro Cultural Borges (


At 19, American artist talk Glorianna Liu on “Aftermath in Afghanistan” and the Russian photographer Katya Demidova on “Strawberry Fields, orphans in Russia.”

Leon Gieco
At 19, the Argentine artist will perform for the benefit of the Biennial and film will be screened on World Wings, directed by him.

THURSDAY, 2, 9, 16 and 23 February
Other conferences
There will be presentations on various artistic and documentary photography will be posted on the website of the Centro Cultural Borges.

At 19, in the Malba. Visitors will be able to bid during the exhibition in a sealed envelope.

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