Russian Film Week in Ecuador

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Quito. – With the presence of Russian actor and Grigoriy Antipenko fellow, filmmaker Alexey Andrianov, will open on Wednesday the Russian cinema showcase, to be held in Quito, Cuenca and Loja until 26 August.

Grigoriy Antipenko an actor from the movie “Moscow I love you ‘, which opens with the sample on August 22, at 19.30, while Alexey Andrianov directed the film’ The Spy ‘. Both will participate in the opening of the cinema with Irina Sennikova, coordinator of the Russian film week in Ecuador and Professor Sergey Lazaruk, first vice president of the Russian Union of Film.

The event will be at the National Film House of Ecuadorian Culture, in the movie theater Diezcanseco Alfredo Pareja.

Besides Antipenko tapes and Andrianov be exhibited ‘The Sparrow’, ‘Los Caprichos’ and ‘Kandahar’.


MOSCOW, I LOVE YOU! (2010 – 108 min.)

Address: Nana Dzhordzhadze, Ekaterina Kalinina, Irakliy Kvirikadze, Artem Mikhalkov, Georgiy Natanson, Ivan Okhlobystin, Georgiy Paradzhanov, Andrey Razenkov, Vera Storozheva, Elina Suni, Alla Surikova, Oleg Fomin, Ekaterina Dvigubskaya, Murad Ibragimbekov, Aleksandr Kasatkin, Yegor Konchalovskiy, Vasiliy Chiginskiy, Aleksey Golubev. Genres: Comedy. Synopsis: The title of the film leaves peek a declaration of love to the Russian capital. Includes 18 short films by Russian directors who try to shape the current Moscow. The film is the Russian alternative to the famous French film, Paris, I Love You, with Russia as the only protagonist. These stories are funny, romantic, touching, full of love, betrayal, gangsters, hopes and disappointments.

KANDAHAR (2010 – 100 min.)

Address: Andrey Kavun. Script: Andrey Kavun, Oleg Kavun. Cast: Aleksandr Baluev, Vladimir Mashkov, Yury Beliaev. Genre: Drama. Synopsis: Tells the 387 days in hell. Tough negotiations between Russia and other countries on the one hand and the Taliban, fundamentalists, on the other. No results. Lynch law, captivity, violence, seduction of freedom, attacks …

THE SPARROW (2010 – 90 min.)

Written and directed by Yuri Shiller. Starring: Denis Babushkin, Reusenko Sergey, Sergey Ugryumov. Genre: Drama. Synopsis: A heartfelt film on a Siberian village famous for its horse breeding, in the first year of crop failure, borrow and the only solution that the farm manager has to sell horses for meat. The young son of a pastor, nicknamed Sparrow, will decide singular …

THE WHIMS (2011 – 86 min.)

Address: Levan Gabriadze. Screenplay: Roman Nepomnyashchiy. Cast: Konstantin Khabenskiy, Ivan Urgant, Milla Jovovich. Genre: Comedy. Synopsis: Slava Kolotilov is a teacher who comes to Moscow with the manuscript of his novel under his arm, determined to conquer the city. Manages to win the heart of the beautiful Nadya. It was about the wedding day, the restaurant is booked, the invitations sent, but the headmaster Slava requires him to be the football coach. Nadya decides to call and tell an incredible story about accidents and disasters that prevent you from reaching the ceremony time. But the celebration in distant Moscow is already in full swing, although not the groom.

THE SPY (2012 – 99 min.)

Address: Alexey Andrianov. Screenplay: Vladimir Valutsky. Cast: Fyodor Bondarchuk, Danila Kozlovskiy, Vladimir Yepifantsev, Victoria Tolstoganova, Anna Chipovskaya, Ekaterina Melnik, Andrey Merzlikin, Gazarov Sergey, Alexey Gorbunov, Viktor Verzhbitskiy, Alexey Gavrilov, Alexey Panin, Dmitriy Nazarov, Konstantin Adayev. Genre: spy movie. Synopsis: Based on the novel by Boris Akunin “spy novel”. Spring 1941. In central Moscow unfolds a tense duel between the two intelligence services. The purpose of covert operations is deceiving Stalin Hitler on plans for the German invasion of the USSR. The biggest Octyabrskiy and Lieutenant Dorin against Nazi spy genius. A fight in the atmosphere of a great story and the glow of imminent war.


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