VIII edition of the Book Fair Lunfardo and tango in Buenos Aires.

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Comes a new edition of the Book Fair and Tanguero Lunfardo headquarters in Portsmouth Academy of Slang (USA 1379).
The Fair will run every day from Sunday, December 4, 15 to 21. You can buy books, CDs, DVDs and many articles on our tango. There will be presentations of books, films and performances in the Hall Nicolás Olivari.

The Fair is the brainchild of Marcelo H. Oliveri (journalist, writer and author of several books on slang and tango).
It aims to promote tango books and literature. There are many books written and tango slang and sometimes are not sold in bookstores at the abundance of best sellers.

Here for the entire month you can buy, watch and see the wide variety of material that is on the tango.


Who wants to work with $ 20 .- (NO OBLIGATION) was given a book of slang (SUMMA lunfardo) EDITORIAL Corregidor.

Full Schedule

Sunday 4 December: Opening of the Book Fair and Tanguero Lunfardo with the performance of the Polyphonic Choir of the Association of Professional Italian Hospital. Choir Director: Prof. Marta Monteleone. At 18.

Monday 5: Presentation of the book The Road to Buenos Aires Albert Kaplan. Talk: Marcello Oliveri, Guillermo Saavedra and Luis Tedesco. At 18.

Monday 5: Luces de Buenos Aires Present: The successes of the tango: Juan Carlos Sapia, Hector Raggio, Antonio Ballester, Alberto Monte, Angel Vaona, Drink Bertel, Valentina Lamas, Martha Ovalle, Claudio Ferrer, Graciela Hand and George Crescent. Piano: Angel Giuseppetti. At 20.

Tuesday 6: Poems Estela Tangueros Bonnet, Matias Mauricio and Roberto Selles. At 18:30.

Tuesday 6: Recital of the tango singer Diana Lagarde. At 20.

Wednesday 7: Presentation of new book by Thomas Barna: concertante variations in the light of twilight. Luis Alposta speak. At 18:30.

Wednesday 7: Georgette Grayeb presents: Between Paris and Buenos Aires. With Virgil Dante (guitar and vocals). Special guests. At 20.

Thursday 8: Tangos and Lilian Candombe papassa: Book launch: The guardian of the threshold. Talk: Standard Montenegro. With Norberto Vogel (piano and accordion). Kilya Coral Group Director: Ulysses Palau. At 19.

Friday 9: Tango in San Telmo with Olga Reni. At 18.

Friday 9: The cream on the glass, talk of the Sponsors Miriam Peralta and Carlos Alarcón. The conference will focus on the more link Buenos Aires cafés had with the tango. At 19.

Saturday 10: Vocal Performance: Eclectic. Singers: Jorgelina Tassara, Analia Segal, Alejandra Vera, Gabriela Alejandra Marcela Martinez, Patricia Polo, Amalia Chambo, Nestor Rimoli, Alejandro Wainschenker. Guest musicians: Joaquin Novoa (percussionist), Nicholas Rizzo (bass). Flora Gril vocal coach. Address: Camilo Reiners. Virginia White Press

Saturday 10: Tango Pearls presents Claudio Duran: Estela Bonnet, Sandra Chebriau, Silvana Reyes, Silvia Nieves. Guest Poet: Nelida Puig. At 19:30.

Sunday 11: Tribute to country and rock Javier Punishment Tango Nuevo. At 18. Admission $ 20.

Monday 12: A national singer: Raúl Card. Convenes and accompanied by: Zulema Varela. At 18:30.

Tuesday 13: Presentation of the book on Fiscalini Graciela Security. With the poet Carlos Alberto Dávila and guests. At 18:30.

Wednesday 14: Presentation of the book Stories Tangueras Mazzeo Goyo. Speak your editor Marcelo H. Oliveri, Siulnas, among others. At 18:30.

Wednesday 14: Tribute to Cale. With Susana Boragno and special guests. At 20.

Thursday 15: Introducing Armored Matthias Bandoneón Mauritius. Artists and poets invited. At 18:30.

Friday 16: Presentation of the book: Julio Cortázar and Hector Fralasco tango. Recital of Buenos Aires Tango ensemble composed Gonçalvez Maria Sanchez on piano, guitar and Gabriel Nuñez Mendez Delcis Cherey on bandoneon with vocalist Facundo Vallejos.

Tango and Dance Show with Antonio and Graciela. At 18.

Friday 16: Recital of the tango singer Gaby. At 20.

Saturday 17: Presentation of the books of Argentine creators. At 16.

Saturday 17: Performance of Courage Group. At 18:30.

Saturday 17: Tribute to Lolita Torres, Marita Tuero, Susana Jorge Boragno and Boullousa. At 20:30.

Sunday 18: Corresponding in San Miguel del Monte Bernardo Poblet presents: Tangos from San Miguel del Monte: Voices: Hugo Gargiulo, Eleonora Valle. Guitar accompaniment: Sebastian Castro. At 18.

Sunday 18: Pepe Otero Presents: tango and poetry, Naked Tango and Poetry: Pepe Otero: 40 Tangos and poetry of their own, Estela Bonnet, the sweet voice of tango, Ramiro Valdes feel Passion of Buenos Aires. Conductor: Adrian Oronél. At 19:30.

Monday 19: Presentation of the book away from Puerto tango Dipaola Nestor. Talk personalities of the Buenos Aires culture. At 19.

Tuesday 20: Jorge Gatti Tango presents: Antigua Fray Pimiento, Trio and Duo Barbed Tailpiece Down (Harmonic Romero). At 19.

Wednesday 21: Inauguration of the sample Lucheni Marta: Portrait 2 on display in the courtyard of the Columns. We celebrated the birthday No. 49 Portsmouth Academy of Lunfardo. Awards Nyda Poetry Contest Cuniberti. Presentation of diplomas to students in the course of cinema and culture in Buenos Aires slang. Recital by Lydia Chávez, Muni Rivero and special guests. At 21.

Thursday 22: Screening of the film director’s Middle Class Juan Jose Dominguez. At 19.

Thursday 22: Presentation of the book: The American Creole Argentina (5th Edition) by Julio Rodriguez Ledezma. At 20:30.

Friday 23: Comprehensive tango show by the artist Sandrina Poetaria Gallego. At 19.

Monday 26: Projection of Cafe teachers. At 16.
Documentary about the Café Tortoni: Presents Susana Boragno. At 19.

Tuesday 27: Presentation of the tango singer Nydia Costa. Present your CD: Flying High. At 19.

Wednesday 28: Presentation of the book Tango Glosses Ruben Serrano. Talk: Marcelo H. Oliveri, Nolo Correa and surprise guests. At 19.

Thursday 29: Presentation of the book: José Razzano: In the shadow of the prominence of Carlos Javier Rios and Penelas. At 18.

Thursday 29: Presentation of Luke Carmine (from Rosario). At 19.

Thursday 29: SINGERS: Parade of tango singers. Daniel “El Pollo” Mactas and surprise guests.

Friday 30: Parade Tango Pearls Claudio Duran closed the year and closing the book fair and Tanguero Lunfardo. From the 18.

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