Handbook of Argentine tourists outside

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At the beginning of the summer season, the Argentina Foreign Ministry compiled a “Handbook for Argentine tourists” with recommendations to be taken into account by the Argentines who choose overseas destinations for their holidays:

• What documentation is important?

In the case of South American countries may cross to the neighboring country with one of the three documents, provided they are in force: ID card, ID card or passport.
In the rest of the world, only you can travel with the passport and it is important to note first that is not defeated.
Secondly, think that, despite being in effect at the time you start the trip, the passport must remain valid after the trip, for at least six months. Keep in mind that the latter varies depending on the destination you choose, there are countries that require an even greater duration, and therefore it is advisable to contact the embassy or consulate of the country or countries that want to visit. It will find all the phones in our country foreign representations on the website of the Foreign Ministry in Argentina:


Do not forget, moreover, requiring competent authorities both on entering and leaving the country you are visiting, the stamping of passport or immigration card delivery to the entry and exit stamps to avoid fines or complications the future. It is also important, respect the authorized period of stay and level of income allowed. A good measure to take before travel is to make photocopies of documents to be carried outside. This is convenient for two reasons. First, if the tourist loses his passport or identity card, a photocopy will facilitate the task Argentine consulate to issue a new travel document. Second, it is not necessary, in general, around the city of the foreign country (though it is to leave it to another destination or take a plane) with the original passport, you can do it wearing a photocopy and leaving receipt (in the hotel, for example) the travel document, saving the displeasure of a possible loss.

• When traveling with children should be taken into account:

• If your child is traveling with both parents, the Department shall be required to Argentina to allow the child to leave the country, the birth certificate or marriage certificate in order to test the link, in order to prove that they are indeed theirparents.

If the child is traveling with one parent, the Department shall require, so you can leave the country, permit or travel permission (which is pending before a notary public) by which the other parent authorizing the child to leave the territory Argentina.

If the child is traveling alone or accompanied by a third party, the Department shall require a permit or permission to travel signed by both parents (is advisable to include in the permit also authorized to process a new passport in case of theft or loss)

• Travelers Insurance:

Public health systems of other countries do not always respond. It is therefore advisable to hire before you travel, insurance coverage on the outside for the whole family. This type of coverage covers, too, in case of accidents or other exceptional services, patient transport plane to Argentina in health emergencies. There is also in the market, insurance covering other risks as in the case of bankruptcy of the airline carrier, liability, and so on. It is recommended that background on the scope of benefits, to avoid last minute inconveniences when using contracted services.

• Other aspects to consider:

Tourists should be informed prior to the Consulate or Embassy of the country you are visiting on the immigration requirements, mainly health (vaccines applied, for example), the entry with pets (presentation of health certificates and vaccinations required by the authorities foreign health) and food products which are prohibited to enter (animals, vegetables, fruits and canned products, etc.), and the requirements relating to the entry of vehicles.

• Autos:

If the tourist moves his car into neighboring countries, a number of conditions that the owner or driver of the car must meet the information that you can take recourse to the consulate or embassy. It is also essential insurance against third-least-to be enforceable and that the insurance company has offices or correspondent in the country you are visiting.
Before embarking on the trip by car, you should also learn about the laws or rules governing traffic in the country of destination.
Avoid fines and delays: In some cases, it was found that non-payment of fines or traffic violations resulted in delays in departure.

• Tips several:

Finally, there are some recommendations which, although common sense and obey may be redundant, experience indicates that it is appropriate to mention them because they are usually forgotten by a large percentage of tourists. The fact taken into account, you can avoid unpleasant situations and even cumbersome. Some of them are:
Avoid traveling with all the cash.
Do not neglect your luggage or valuables (especially in airports and places of large public, nor leave them in the vehicle).
Not circular, and less at night time, by remote or less traveled, stopping only in public places, lit and frequented by travelers.
Never carry third-party effects, let alone across the border or at airports.
Phones Having family or friends in the Republic to contact if necessary, and inform them of the places to visit.
Data of a separate credit card and cell where his theft and loss reporting, as well as the photocopies of travel documents, travel authorization for minors, contact the insurance company in case of emergency , among others.
Be aware and take provisions for the payment of the shipping rate return.
Is it important to have local and / or currency, to avoid problems with switching to the time of arrival at destination.
We suggest you ask before you begin your trip addresses and telephone numbers of the Argentine consulates in the countries / cities to visit (which can be found on the website: www.argentinaconsul.ar)
Since the legislation of the destination country may differ from that in force in our country, we recommend you present and observe the following rules: traffic (speeding, vehicle transfers, use of seat
Safety, poster \ “STOP \” and \ “yield \”, pedestrian paths, lights on roads, parking, etc..) consumption of alcoholic beverages or income holding weapons.


In view of many Argentines choose the Kingdom of Spain as a holiday destination or rest at any time of year, it is recommended to enter the site of the Spanish consulate in Buenos Aires, www.maec.es / consulates / buenosaires, entering the link “information visa “for complete information about requirements when enter Spain as tourists, as well as in other cases:

What in this web site stands out is that:

Argentines do not require visas to travel to Spain as tourists always make your stay not exceeding three months within six months. Nor need a visa to enter any other member country of the European Union.

The requirements that may be required for entry into Spanish territory are:
1. Valid passport

2. Round-trip ticket

3. Justification for the purpose and conditions of stay and have sufficient financial means for the duration of their stay in Spain, which shall be at least of 513.34 euros.If the stay is longer than nine days, the amount shown above shall increase by 57 euros for each additional day in cash, certified checks, travelers checks, payment cards, credit cards (accompanied by bank account statement or passbook updating bank). Not be admissible documents or bank statements online.
For travel from tourism or private, may require the submission of any of the following documents:

Confirmation of the booking of an organized tour, with the itinerary.

Return ticket or tour.

WARNING: This may require an invitation letter or document from the lodging establishment, conducted by an individual in the police station of their place of residence. In no event will supply an invitation letter by the foreign accreditation of the other requirements for entry.

For business trips, political, scientific, sporting or religious or other reasons shall be required:
An invitation by a company or an authority to attend meetings, conventions, etc.., Commercial, industrial, etc.

Document certifying the existence of commercial, industrial.

Access cards to fairs, conferences, conventions, etc..

Invitations, entry tickets, reservations or programs indicating, as far as possible the name of the host organization and length of stay or any other document that indicates the purpose of the visit.

For field trips or other training:

Paper enrollment at a school to participate in theoretical courses and practical training.?

Certificates for the courses taken.

4. Submitting, where applicable, the medical certificates.

5. Not be subject to exclusion orders. Ban causes are: 1. have been previously deported or returned to Spain or a Schengen State, 2. have banned explicitly by activities contrary to the interests of Spain or human rights or for notorious connection with criminal organizations, 3. be internationally sought for criminal cases.
6. Not represent a danger to public health, public order, national security or international relations of Spain or countries with which Spain has an agreement to that effect.
7. Not having to stay 3 months past 6 months, which are counted from the date of last entry.

Note that the entry into the Schengen Area is authorized for a maximum of THREE MONTHS IN A PERIOD OF SIX MONTHS. Therefore can not be exhausted three months period, exit and re-enter the Schengen area immediately but must wait three months to re-enter.

The Schengen area consists of Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Greece, Italy, Iceland, France, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden.

Should be delayed at the airport:
In case of refusal of entry into Spain, the plaintiff is entitled to be notified of the corresponding reasoned decision, with information about resources from. However, resources do not have suspensory effect. Also entitled to legal aid, for which he is on duty, permanently at the airport, a lawyer, if the applicant wishes to use their services.


The consulates of our country abroad are attending the function of the Argentines who are abroad, either as residents or as tourists.
In any case, and under current regulations, the consuls are not entitled to offer any assistance. They are entitled to attend injured persons, close relatives to notify accident, death or disaster situations, to protect the interests of the Argentine minors, allowing the use of the postal address of the consular office to receive from the private correspondence and will advise when it is required.
In the administrative sphere, may extend the travel document (if, for example, loss of passport by a tourist) and authorize all acts which may make the public notaries in our country. In addition, consular officers attend detention and sentencing Argentines, trying to have a defense in a trial and returning to Argentina Argentine citizens whose indigence is conclusively proven and are in a state of vulnerability, those contained in the regulations consular.
However, we must be aware that the consul can not be part of a judicial process, request for treatment other than compatriot who are nationals of the country of destination in prisons and hospitals, or provide legal assistance. The consulates also can act as a travel agent, airline, bank or other entity, or guarantor or surety become, ie to provide money or take account of third parties.
Consulates do not provide money, tickets or accommodation in case of contingencies such as theft, robbery of personal loss, accidents or illnesses.

For more information go to www.argentinaconsul.ar

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