This fair was a celebration

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The exhibition took place between 6 and 9 July at La Rural ended with a very positive balance. With a call record of over one hundred thousand people, the full cooking classes, food producers from all regions of the country, crafts of indigenous communities and many provinces that promoted its tourist attractions, the fair proved to be the space excellence of identity in Argentina.

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Completed a new edition of Roads and flavors, and ended in large, showing that it is a classic must see in the national agenda. More than one hundred thousand attendees from 6 to 9 July in La Rural approached the regional food producers, investigated in the ways of producing artisans and enthusiastic tourist destinations that promoted the provinces present, leaving clear that the show plays a central role in the development of production and regional destinations in Argentina.
As every year, one of the stars of the show are the positions of sausages and cheeses, where you can find the magnificent Cologne Caroya salami or Mercedes, belly Sierra de los Padres, roasted leather Entre Rios or cheese cavalo made of spun paste, San Antonio de Areco. Furthermore, it could find specialties like citrus and eucalyptus honey Corrientes, aloe jam Santiago del Estero, smoked venison, ostrich and salmon Mendoza, Chubut sea salt or tea with stevia, the natural sweetener that is revolutionizing the food.
The crafts were no less, and highlighted the garments woven from llama wool and sheep of Communities United for Mills, jobs in Mount chaguar Formosa, jewelry made with rhodochrosite Catamarca, Argentina’s national stone, mattes in silver and alpaca motif gaucho leather work as the buffalo or the bowls and cups made by the girls of Musca Gres.
For all this, Roads and Flavors confirmed the importance it plays in promoting the value added ventures in origin in all regions of the country, and the importance of enhancing the growth of local production and insertion into the mass market Buenos Aires.

A cultural event

In addition to providing the opportunity to meet face to face with producers around the country, the fair held in each of their booths to food and handicrafts, are a sign of our culture. So, Roads and Flavors proposed to numerous public activities that exceed the commercial. And visitors, enthusiasts, left no space without filling.
In the cooking classes, where chefs from around the country presented their innovations-nobody wanted to miss school as Lisandro Martinez and Gunther Moors who, by the missionaries flavors, prepared a pacu baked on sucker emulsion, or the “caipimate”, a variety of traditional caipirinha with matte liqueur, mint and cane “he said. From Patagonia, Chubut and Thomas Martin Moroni Urturi guanaco prepared a loin cured cocoa sauce and wild turnips toothfish artisanal tea marinated red potatoes mountain range. And from the Puna, Magda Choque Vilca made a gastronomic tour where he recovered the power of the independence era.
In the food processing workshops regional exhibitors showed them how they prepare the food they produce. So, attendees learn how to make craft beer, the bread of the Laguna de Lobos field, friar balls Return of Forced or cooking without gluten.
In addition, every day there was a garden space by Bottega Italiana, where the team of volunteers from Huerta Niño taught to prepare a home garden, so that everyone can begin to eat the crop itself.

Art and joy

Roads and Flavors was above all a feast for the senses, and in addition to the exhibitors, classes and space for gardens, art was at the show. With the participation of the artist as curator Peter Roth, many artists paid tribute to food, with a performance called “The Banquet” American intervention that consisted of a wall of 8 meters wide and 2 meters high which will then be part of a book that includes artistic look through pictures and text information on more than 40 American products that nourish the world.
Another of the highlights was undoubtedly the contribution of the musicians inside. The singer Jujuy Vilte Memo, for example, the whole audience cheered with his repertoire of carnavalitos and Andean sounds. He was also the guitar duo formed by Juan Bustos santiagueño and Nacho Villagra, presented at the meeting place of pure rhythm chacarera, and orchestras such as The Pony Club Mambo, which presented musicians from Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela and merged rhythms from around the continent.

Taste Experience

The fair also featured a contest that rewarded the best flavors. A jury of blind testers specializing in sensory analysis evaluated the quality of cow and goat cheeses, semi hard, sweet milk and olive oils. Experience of Taste, a competition organized by Roads and flavors and consultant STG, had record turnout, with 26 different products from 8 provinces, and defined in cheese semi-hard goat’s winner was The Nadis, San Luis, in Cow cheese semi-hard, the award went to the Tucumán House of Dreams, the best olive oil was the Pampean Taste of Buenos Aires province, and the best dulce de leche, like last year, was Salta the producers of Campo Quijano.

Roads and Flavors was sponsored by the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI), Export.Ar Foundation, the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

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