Apple presented the iPhone 5 September 12

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So what U.S. media say. It could also launch mini iPad media player and iPod touch.

These devices would go on sale from September 21, as stated by the blog iMore, the first to break the news during the Monday night. This version was later supported by a number of sources that often have good contacts with Apple, as the financial agency Bloomberg or blogs AllThingsD, The Verge and The Loop.

According to the details that have transpired, the new model would have a larger screen and would be thinner than the current iPhone 4S. The presentation would be the first new design since the launch of iPhone 4 in 2010. Since then, Apple has faced strong competition from Samsung and other brands introduced to the market than the iPhone smartphones in size and technical capabilities.

Expectations of an early launch of a new model has affected the demand for iPhones in recent months, which reduced quarterly earnings from Apple. During the last few weeks have appeared photos and videos of the new enclosure of the iPhone, according to which has the same design, but the rear glass is no longer, but almost all metal. In addition, below the earphone connection and the connection port on the bottom is smaller.

However, the images could be a fake or one of the many prototypes that test and then discarded Apple, something that has happened before. One such example was last year when there were photos of a supposed iPhone 5 is made narrower at the bottom. But then Apple released the iPhone 4S, which is equal to its predecessor in appearance.

Recently, in the legal battle for alleged violation of patents between Apple and Samsung came a prototype existed and where the phone was indeed a “drop of water”, which made clear the large number of proposals Apple designers to try before choosing which to choose. If the current versions are true, the new iPhone 5 break with two of the things that defended Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died last year.

First, the size of the screen, he wanted to keep at 3.5 inches (8.9 cm) in front of the displays much larger competitors. And second, it was famously said that Jobs described as “abortions” to the smaller tablets, which in his opinion, would offer the user a memorable experience.

Competition could now force Apple to rethink their positions. In the case of phones, Samsung is especially strong with larger screen phones, while among the iPad tablet remains the leader.

But Amazon Kindle Fire and Nexus 7, Google has established a new category of smaller size and above all more accessible. So Apple is considering a “mini iPad”.

On Friday, the market research firm IDC reported figures under which Samsung is the leading manufacturer of smartphones, with a total of 51 million sets sold in the second quarter, and with a market share of 32.6 percent. For its part, Apple sold 26 million iPhones and controls 16.9% of the market, although their incomes are higher because of the cost of the iPhone.


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