Francella premiere of “Heist”, co-production with Spain

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On Thursday premieres around the country, “Robbery”, a co-production between Spain and Argentina led by Eduard Cortés, who has just been chosen for the official selection, out of competition, the upcoming San Sebastian Film Festival, and has as central figures to the Argentine Guillermo Francella, Nicolas Cabre and Daniel Fanego, and Spanish Amaia Salamanca.

“Films with these characteristics, the crisis that is currently living in Spain, do not think it easy to roll back in a short time, and when we were filming in Alicante studies told us that at that time they were shooting only two movies, “said Francella Telam, ready for release in September and travel to the Basque coast.

The film’s story dates back to mid 50 ‘and comes from a news released on May 10, 1956 in the newspaper ABC in its page 47 titled “The robbery at a jewelry store on Avenida José Antonio “, with regard to assault the previous day had taken place in the traditional jewelry Aldao, on Gran Via, one of the oldest and most emblematic rides in Madrid.

There, two men disguised as members of the air force, armed and shouting “This is a robbery” stormed the place to take as booty jewelry displayed in the window and other jealously treasured in the office of the owner.

Shortly afterwards, the two involved “other side of the Atlantic” were arrested and sentenced to full speed. So far, the story served the Argentine Marcelo Figueras, Catalonia and Peter Costa, Piti Spanish and director Eduard Cortés to come up with “Robbery”, a thriller set in Spain in mid da 50 ‘.

The story relates these jewels were made of Eva Duarte and the need to Juan Peron in exile in pawn.

Fanego up to Landa, one of the attendees of Perón in Panama, which calls for cooperation to the security chief leader, Merello, played by Francella, who in turn seeks to support Michael, played by Cabre, in this case a beginner player petty to be too innocent and mostly awkward to solve the task successfully.

“It was mobilizing to this character, I saw the script from a solid start,” said Francella.

For the Argentine actor is his second foray into foreign films, after his role in the Mexican film “Fast and cheesy.”

“I’m Bart Simpson, I’m fifteen hours every week for Telefé” Francella said jokingly about his many appearances with the unit “Married with Children” and “The man in your life” and explains, in dialogue with Telam that beyond her dramatic roles in “The secret of their eyes” and now the “Robbery”, loves comedies and safe return to the genre, even in film.

“I read a lot of theater, and still do not see anything that convinces me. In movies, in 2013, I have two films in the pipeline, so far only projects, but very firm, “he says about his professional future, for now does not include more television, said the actor proposed to his partner as Cabré adventures in this film which opens in Argentina rather than Spain.

“We were very well treated by Cortes and what they will see is a director with a long trade, which helped us feel very well during the weeks we had the dress rehearsal and rehearsal and filming, which were very intense. Cortes was never on the set to improvise, “says the actor, that this work reaches the figure of 26 films.

“My character is a bodyguard of Evita, which somehow fell in love with her but says that ‘the goddesses they worshiped, not the love’ with tears in his eyes,” says the actor after the film Campanella appeared in the Mexican “Fast and cheesy” and “The Marziano” and made a brief appearance in “The wagon in the world of cinema.”

Francella recalls that “we were in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Elche, Alcoy, there were many things in those eight weeks, and had a good time, each taking advantage of his free time, for example I escaped to Galicia, although we liked to eat, because that is eaten as gods. We expected to arrive the night and eat … those hams! “He said with his typical combination of wide eyes and an expression of amazement.


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