Ford Motor Company presented its annual sustainability report 2012

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Ford Motor Company unveiled its 13 th Annual Sustainability Report, which aims to reflect the progress of the company in all processes and outcomes related to the sustainable social, economic and environmental.

In this latest report, entitled “Project for sustainability: accelerating forward,” Ford Motor Company announced that in the past six years decreased by 22% the amount of energy used in the manufacture of their vehicles, and that his plans for 2016 provides an additional reduction of 25%.

The decrease energy consumption in manufacturing of the vehicles is only one of the salient points. The report also details the company’s initiatives to minimize water use in their production processes, the emission of carbon dioxide and the amount of waste sent to landfill, along with improvements in the safety and efficiency in the consumption of vehicle fuel.

“Sustainability has moved from the periphery to the center of our strategy to succeed in the market and help address global challenges,” said Robert Brown, Vice President of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering, Ford Motor Company.

In new sections of the report highlights the regional sustainability initiatives of Ford in Europe, South America and Asia. For example, Ford Europe announced its five-year plan for sustainable manufacturing strategies, which sets targets aimed at reducing 30% water use in the manufacture of an average vehicle and reduce the generation of waste to landfill by 70% . This policy contributes to the overall sustainable Ford Motor Company to reduce water use per vehicle of 9.5 m3 to 3.5 m3 by 2015.

The report also illustrates other results that reflect the efforts of Ford in the world to achieve their goals and overcome, at every opportunity, environmental goals. In this regard, among other achievements of the company include:

• In 2011 decreased 8% reduction in carbon dioxide in its global operations per vehicle, compared with 2010;
• turned what had been 163 tons of paint waste in power for 55 residential homes for a year;
• introduced advanced water treatment that allowed reuse, while reduced supply and discharge requirements, the generation of solid waste and minimized the implementation of chemical treatments.

“The integration of our sustainability initiatives within the Ford production system has allowed us to accelerate the implementation of environmental improvements in our manufacturing facilities,” said Andy Hobbs, Director of Environmental Quality. He added: “This allows all team members contribute to manufacturing meeting our environmental objectives.”

Locally, Ford Argentina is aligned to regional and global objectives of environmental sustainability in relation to reducing water consumption, improved energy efficiency and accounting of greenhouse gases.

In regard to the result of social programs, the activities of community service for Ford Argentina conducted by the volunteer company, are a prominent treatment in the full version of this 13 ° annual sustainability report available at www.

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