Cristina inaugurará Hoy Tecnópolis 2012 Bajo el lema “Energía párrafo Transformar”

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President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, will open at 17 Technopolis sample 2012 in the locality of Villa Martelli, under the slogan “Power to transform.”

The exhibition, mounted under the slogan “Power to transform,” open to the public next Saturday at 12, with free admission and will run until October.

“Axis of industry expansion and strategic growth of the country, energy is to Technopolis capacity to act, to transform and set in motion, a natural resource and a value that speech-making for change,” said a statement from presentation.

In the 50 hectares of land this year will be over 120 spaces, with proposals to learn, look around and wonder with science, technology and energy in Argentina.

For example, last year, promoted by the Ministry of Science, was in Technopolis a clue to know and test prototype electric vehicles and innovative space to highlight the richness of biodiversity in Argentina and a dinosaur exhibit, with animated figures .

There was also a video game industry, with 12 race car simulators, the space of “Robotics for all” and another on the adventure of nanotechnology, among dozens of proposals.

Technopolis 2011 also had an extensive program of high-level artistic interventions, not only on stage, where they wore bands of various musical genres, but deployed by the Bicentennial Park, of which highlighted the group’s performances, theatrical acrobatic Force Gross.

For this year, are also scheduled a dozen quality artistic interventions, on which the organizers kept reserve for the benefit of the future should surprise visitors.

In addition to the crucial state support, are also involved in the conduct of Technopolis over 125 private companies, many of whom will be exhibiting.

The fair will be open until July 29 daily from 12 to 20. During this period, expected full attendance because it coincides with the school break both the Federal Capital of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Then on Tuesday July 31, the property will be open through October, Tuesday to Sunday, at the same time. Always free admission.

Organizers expect this year to a massive influx as observed in the inaugural year, which was characterized by a high percentage of young and strong presence of families, with an attitude of recreational enjoyment.

An environment that allowed, for instance, bear with patience, long queues that formed at the most attractive, as the creative representation of the hadron accelerator, simulation flight in a rocket and a jet airlines, and train ride around the perimeter of the property.


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