Spain. The charges that hide or distort accounting data may be disqualified for 10 years

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* The Government has the law on transparency and access to information
* The administration will have a month to provide the data requested by citizens
* The law does not affect the royal family for not being a public
* The central executive budgets set at the salary of mayors and councilors
* Citizens have 15 days to make their contributions to the text

Public officials who conceal or falsify information may be disqualified for 10 years. It is one of the measures included in the bill of transparency, access to information and good governance that has addressed the Council of Ministers on Friday.

As explained by Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, the new standard will also include the possibility that each year the Government set the maximum salary which may receive mayors and councilors over the general state budget.

All administrations have to be available, “actively and without any prior request” data contracts, agreements, grants, budgets and salaries of public office.

Besides, citizens may request additional data. All governments have a month to respond to any request for information to perform a citizen with the only limit to the protection of personal data and national security.

Government for it will launch a channel Transparency Portal requests. The autonomous regions and municipalities may use this platform to respond to your requests or to start their own internet platforms.

15 days to receive input from citizens
For now, the text of the transparency law, access to information and good governance, which has been subjected to a “first reading” in Council of Ministers, will be available on the website of the Prime Minister’s Office from Monday to citizens can make their contributions for 15 days.

Saenz de Santamaria noted that the new law will affect all government and public enterprises, will help reform the “credibility” and “trust in institutions.”

The Transparency Bill approved by the Council of Ministers shall not affect the royal family did not involve a public authority clarified on Friday the vice president and government spokesman, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, as recorded by Europa Press.

Advertising data administrations
The rule provides for measures in three areas: force the government to publish data on contracts, grants, agreements, government salaries and statistics on the services provided; regulate how citizens can request public information, will launch a code of good government.

Also, give a “first step” for the Government set an annual “scale” salaries for mayors, councilors and chairmen of the councils.

Saenz de Santamaria noted that new law “reinforces the obligations of active advertising of all administrations.” When in force, the central, regional and local should include in its website a “set of key information to ensure transparency.”

Within these data available to any citizen without having to request them specifically, will the information on contracts awarded by the administration (under contract, contractor, bidding amount …), the agreements signed and all aid and public subsidies.

In trade, the government will have to be also available on its website, their budgets to “a comprehensive picture” of the updated data items and their execution, the salaries of public officials and other statistics relevant to assessing the quality of services they provide.

The citizen, said Saenz de Santamaria is entitled to know “as is hired as eligible, as are rewarded.”

The authorities have one month to respond
The transparency law will also regulate and citizens access to information they demand. The authorities have one month to respond to requests.

They may use the Transparency Portal to be launched by the government or do through their own website. Saenz de Santamaria stated that law requires a period of entry into force for administrations to adapt.

According to the reference of the Council of Ministers, “is considered public information which is held by any of the obligors and has been developed or acquired in the exercise of public functions, provided they do not affect national security, defense , foreign affairs, public security or the prevention, investigation and punishment of criminal offenses, administrative or disciplinary action. “

Disqualification who wasted or distorted data
Saenz de Santamaria stressed that the transparency law includes a code of good governance “legal status”. The “ethical principles and cease to be rhetorical action” to be enforced with a corresponding penalty.

Among the offenses referred to: manage public money without complying with the provisions governing the assessment, collection or payment, authorize expenditures without sufficient credit, do not justify the investment of grant funds; deliberately breaching the level of public debt against the provisions of the Organic Law of Budgetary Stability and Financial Sustainability, or failure to comply with corrective action plans under the economic-financial and rebalancing.

The Deputy Prime Minister has said that anyone who commits these offenses may be dismissed and disqualified from 5 to 10 years for public office. In the case of misrepresenting or concealing accounting data is a criminal offense with the maximum disqualification.

The Penal Code was amended to include these new sanctions. Although not expected prison sentence for this new offense, the vice president recalled imposing a fine and that she, “if not met, is replaced by imprisonment”, Efe reported.

Sanctions will not retroactively for actions that were committed before its entry into force.

Control of the salaries of mayors and councilors
The transparency law provides, finally, that the general state budget each year to establish the scale that will have to adjust the salaries of members of local authorities, ie, mayors, councilors and chairmen of county councils.

To set the maximum salaries are taken into account is what local entity, population, socio-economic circumstances of the environment and other administrative, as recorded by the reference of the Council of Ministers.

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