Cuban electoral preparations weeks

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Havana. – The announcement of the call to 8.5 million Cubans for the general elections, the first stop will be in October, a week realized that concludes today’s election preparations in the country.

The number of voters is similar to the last elections, in line with demographic behavior, said Julio Torres, one of the members of the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

The standard will be subject to verification by the public when published listings Sept. 22 to elect 168 delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power, Torres ahead during a press conference.

The first goes to the polls will be on October 21 and, if need be a second round on 28 to choose municipal delegates, while the date is pending voting for provincial delegates and deputies to the National Assembly.

About the electoral roll, the voice of CEN told reporters at the headquarters of the entity that has as main features standard public character of job and permanent qualities established by current legislation on the subject.

The president of the CEN, Alina Balseiro, reported that the elections were designated as national, provincial, municipal and constituency, while remaining in charge of polling and polling.

Likewise also approved 14 000 500 constituencies, and within about 50 thousand 900 areas, he added.

Among voters are counted some 200,000 young people exercise their right to vote for the first time in their lives to be 16 years, one of the requirements.

During the week also became relevant to the defense of Gerardo Hernandez, one of the five Cubans arrested nearly 14 years ago in the United States, will present on Monday a new legal appeal to overturn the conviction.

U.S. lawyer Martin Garbus introduced in the U.S. District Court in Miami, an affidavit (statement) that supports the defendant’s habeas corpus and the revocation of the sentence, citing misconduct U.S. government during the process.

Gerardo (sentenced to two life terms plus 15 years) was arrested in 1998 with Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando González for monitoring violent groups from Miami organized and executed actions against the Caribbean country.

Through the 82-page text, request the Court Garbus order for discovery by Washington of elements showing public money payments to journalists in order to create a hostile environment for the hearing of the case.

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