Chavez says that in October sweeps

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“It is the victory our immediate destination, and we do not lose this election,” said the head of state, and said the overwhelming support for his candidacy in many cases passes 70 percent in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez said on October 7 will get its third consecutive re-election at the polls. Yesterday, in cities across the country, conducted a mock general election where Chavez faces opposition leader Henrique Capriles. “It is the victory our immediate destination, and we do not lose this election,” said the head of state, and said the overwhelming support for his candidacy in many cases passes 70 percent across the country and especially in the popular sectors, that reaches 80 percent. “Now, in the sectors of the big bourgeoisie is different, but in the middle class that works, produces, there are sweeping us and we will sweep this election,” Chavez said during an event proselytizing in Valencia, Carabobo state capital, according to state news agency VNA.

Meanwhile, yesterday was normal development of the first mock elections for which were more than 226,000 eligible voters in 55 polling stations, said a director of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Socorro Hernandez, told the channel Globovision. Hernandez said that on August 26 will repeat the drill. This time may participate one hundred percent of the electorate, on the order of 18.9 million citizens. In this simulation involving members of the Armed Forces, the national communications company CANTV, the electricity service charge, the Ministry of Education and staff of the CNE. “We were able to verify the presence of operators in each of the centers,” noted the official, who said that this process also enabled the joint check of all components.

Iguaro Henry, one of the voters in the capital’s high school Andrés Bello, said the process was very dynamic but admitted that the drill could lend itself to confusion for the voter on the ballot as candidates but did not appear to be consulted sport preferred about the London Olympics. Digna Aguilera, 43, and one who is part of the community councils promoted by the government, said the automated voting machine now features a larger image. And that, in his opinion, that will help people with vision problems. “People do not have to have fear in their votes because this is cool. There is no kind of fear. One vote that is quiet and there until they have the votes, “he added, in turn, Olga Vinces, a housewife aged 68, when asked by those who express fear of voting for the use of a machine that captures the traces Digital.

Also reported that Chavez gave instructions to activate the so-called Plan Republica, by which the Bolivarian National Armed Forces takes the security of polling stations with a view to the October elections. During the act which led yesterday, Chavez called on opposition leaders to respect the electoral umpire.

In his campaign tour of central Venezuela, the Bolivarian leader was accompanied by U.S. actor Sean Penn. Dark glasses, white shirt and jeans, Penn was seen by the ruling on a truck that went through several streets of the Venezuelan city of Valencia and then climbed to a platform from which Chavez addressed his followers. “For there is, of course, visiting Venezuela and wanted to come with us today (yesterday) an American known for us, film actor, Sean Penn is here with us,” Chavez said during his speech.

“Let’s give a welcome applause,” the head of state, who shortly before had assured that everything American is bad. He also pointed next to Penn’s presence during the act of proselytizing Argentine filmmaker Fernando Pulichino. “From here we salute the people of the United States, is a sister of ours, an American people, we are all Americans, including the north and south of us,” said the governor, who aspires to his third term in elections on 7 October. “We are all Americans, north, central and south. Long live the American continent, “he concluded.

Moreover, it was learned that Chavez will not make the foreign minister, Nicolas Maduro, standing as a candidate for governor of Carabobo state as announced months ago. For this application, however, appointed one of his closest collaborators. “The candidate we are going to win the governorship of Carabobo is Ameliach Francisco”, stated the Venezuelan president in Valencia. Ameliach is leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). This designation keeps Maduro likely to be appointed to any position of the next Executive in the event that Chavez finally get reelected. Those who do will be candidates in the various provinces are Elias Jaua, to be submitted to the governor of Miranda, the Interior Minister Tarek el Aissami, who will fight for governor of Tachira, and former Defense Minister Carlos Mata, who seek to clinch the governorship of New Sparta.

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