Airlines make new routes around the country to boost domestic tourism

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Begin to take place from next weekend with the aim of boosting domestic tourism, after a motion “successful” during the recent winter break.

“Airlines Vacations – Travel for your country”, is the program that launched today by the Minister of National Tourism, Enrique Meyer, and the manager of the commercial area of ​​Aerolineas Argentinas, Juan Pablo La Fosse at a ceremony in the city center, in which members of the Federal Council of Tourism and the operators through which the product will be marketed.

The program aims to promote the 34 destinations that Aerolineas Argentinas has in the country, which soon will join Rio Hondo.
During the presentation, also announced the creation of packets to three destinations within the country using the corridor and the new federal oil broker at connecting cities without returning to Buenos Aires will optimize time and costs.

Some of the sections are: Mendoza, Iguazu, Salta, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires-Ushuaia-Buenos Aires, Trelew.
Meyer said that “all destinations have services, performance and quality new hotels with very good attention, therefore, are offers to sell and generate jobs in the inland destinations.”

In this context reaffirmed “the importance of early learning of a sector that is maturing between airlines, tour operators, public bodies that seek to ensure best destinations.”

The new offering “will be published in all media so that this combination of operators, airlines provinces and the traveler will present opportunities to enable visits from Ushuaia to Iguazu from Talampaya in La Rioja to Corrientes” said Minister .

Meyer referred to the recent winter break, saying that “there was a very good move across the country, we are very happy that the winter resorts from Mendoza to Tierra del Fuego have had a very good occupation, who is from Villa La Angostura foot. “

And contrasted with the new program Airlines: “And now we wait for the low season with a very good deal for all destinations in the country.”
Meanwhile, La Fosse said that “the idea is to have a proposal for all provinces and for each destination that airlines fly.”

“The goal of this program of national tourism, he added Airlines Vacations is boost tourism between cities in Argentina, together with specialized operators, we want to promote our country and the Ministry of Tourism both in Argentina and abroad.”

He said the initiative “are joining 14 operators”, which asked “a very strong commitment because they will play a key role.”
In this regard, said that this project, which runs from August 5 to 30 November, “does not end at the conclusion of this first phase, we want to last decades and to spur the industry.”

With respect to the winter holidays have just completed, La Fosse said that “it was a successful season, there was an increase of 1.7 percent of tourists staying in these five months, and there was a favorable development of many tourists but with a source different from what had been going. “

He clarified that “in this winter season there was a greater participation of Argentine tourism” and could be overcome “tremendous blow suffered by the entire industry Puyehue Volcano last year.”

La Fosse said that “in July, we are closing in Airlines 70 percent increase in passengers, an increase that is very strong considering that last year July cancellations were 23 percent, this implies not only recover the 23 percent who took their cause in the volcano, but we grew over 40 percent. “


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