Breakthrough for the creation of Fidelity National Park

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A new step towards the creation of Fidelity National Park was given today with the signing of an Agreement respective complementary in which was embodied the common will of the province of Chaco and the National Parks Administration (APN) to perform the actions are necessary to achieve that goal.

The National Parks Administration (APN) will provide 6,800,000 pesos for the trust created by the Legislature of the Chaco.

Tourism Minister’s Office, Henry Meyer – who led the ceremony with Governor Jorge Capitanich and President of the Board of the NPC, Patricia Gandini – said: “We are participating in a further step towards the realization of the project started Resistance in the last year with a significant number of NGOs committed to environmental conservation. We share a common vision between the National and Provincial to benefit the communities associated with these important protected areas, which is why we have been steadily making major investments in infrastructure for tourism use in the National Parks. “

For his part, Dr. Gandini said that “The creation of the future National Park, whose feasibility has been evaluated technically for many years, is a key step to strengthen the environmental protection of eco-tourism corridor extending from Iguazú to integrating the Chaco area Iberá. Such actions are a clear example of the environmental policy of the Government, which in this case – through the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and the National Parks Administration – drive the realization of what will be the first National Park created by popular will. “

Finally, the Governor of the Province of Chaco, noted that these strategic partnerships for the sustainability of the environment of Chaco allow generating opportunities for the nearly 2 million people in the province. “This, together with the Ministry and National Tourism Administration of National Parks, we are creating a strategic plan to develop sustainable tourism, since about 18% of the area of ​​our province is under some level of environmental protection, added to that 50% of the 10 million hectares of Chaco territory correspond to forest environments, “said Capitanich.

The text of the document signed today states that the Province is committed to making the necessary arrangements with the local legislature to give the nation the domain and jurisdiction over the territory of the current Resource Book “Fidelity.” Meanwhile, the NPC is responsible for addressing the necessary steps so that, through the Executive Branch, is managed with the National Congress the bill for acceptance of the transfer and the creation of Fidelity National Park .

The act also states that once created the National Park, the NPC shall, in coordination with the Province, Initial Management Plan setting out the actions of first instance, both management and territorial control.
Among other information, the NPC and the Government of Chaco had signed in 2009, a Framework Cooperation Agreement that entered into a close working relationship between both parties in terms of biodiversity conservation in the Chaco, which raised the performance of joint or combined activities related to the creation and management of Protected Areas in the Province.

Based on this agreement, both parties formed a Joint Monitoring and developed various joint activities, which include the ongoing implementation of a sustainable forest management project with small farmers in the buffer zone and Chaco National Park conformation of Conservation Corridors Pilot.
Within this framework, the Province proceeded to declare the portion of that stay Chaco Reserve of Appeal, by law enacted in July 2011, which declared this rural property as an asset of public utility, subject to expropriation.

Following the signing of the document was also signed a cooperation agreement between the Province of Chaco and the Foundation Aves Argentinas, to collaborate on tasks and projects of mutual interest related to the dissemination and conservation of wild birds in the Chaco environments . The initiative includes, among other things, developing a program for the development and promotion of bird watching and editing the book “Aves Argentinas, the 100 species Chaco.”

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